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                AUTO LOGISTICS汽車行業物流




                Voithlutong urban rail gearbox technology(changchun)Co.Ltd.located in "the earliest automobile city of New China" and "the cradle of new Chinese movies"----Changchun.

                The company mainly engages in assembling and selling Metro gearboxes, providing after-sales service and technical support. It provides related supporting services for the technical application, purchase, assembly, test and overhaul of rail vehicle products, including but not limited to couplers, front-end modules and gearboxes.

                Since the founding of Voith Changchun Company, Changchun Co., Ltd. of Common Logistics Group has been providing global logistics services for its products from China to all parts of the world.

                 版權所有2019  河北環海物流有限公司  網站備案號:冀ICP備10017851號

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